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The status-quo got you this far. But it isn't enough. It’s time to evolve. 360-Rethink™ is based on Formula One racing principles to help organizations.

Use our 360-Rethink™ to:

  • Pinpoint strategic blindspots and current levels of business effectiveness.
  • Become 100% sure of where to start and what investments to make.
  • Craft a blueprint and prototype key aspects to eliminate risk and promote predictability.
  • Engineer new business capabilities and revenue streams that are pro-digital and resilient.
  • Keep new business capabilities in sync with changes in objectives and the environment.

What could a 360-Rethink™ do for your business? Preview the possibilities here.

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Our Foundation

Relevant parts of well-known regulations, standards, and framework are infused into our process to drive high-quality results.

Though standards vary from one industry to the next, we benchmark the vital performance and business models norms. Here are a few standards we incorporated into 360-Rethink™:

  • Center for Internet Security 
  • CSA Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM)
  • World Wide Web Consortium (w3c)
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)
  • National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST SP 800 Series) 

Frameworks help us assess the costs and benefits of activating growth, resilience, innovation, or transformation initiatives.

  • DevOps
  • Design Thinking
  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
  • Porter’s Five Forces
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Automation Standards Compliance Institute (ASCI)
  • 360-Valuation™

Most sectors must abide by "rules of the game" enforced by government agencies. We account for those rules as we chart paths forward to activate G.R.I.T. (Growth, Resilience, Innovation, and Transformation).

360-Rethink™ accounts for legal or regulatory compliance acts relevant to your industry like

  • FFIEC, 
  • GDPR, 
  • GLBA, 
  • HIPAA, 
  • HITECH, 
  • NERC CIP, 
  • PCI-DSS, 
  • FedRAMP, and 
  • State Data Breach Laws.

The precision teamwork in Formula One racing inspired AND challenged us to rethink how we work as a team to achieve our mission: keeping clients running and adapting smoothing. 

We’ve adopted this mindset in helping clients eliminate biases and blindspots that create near- and long-term performance issues.

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